I offer individual music lessons, primarily in piano, to students of all ages and ability levels. My teaching studio is located at my home in Lexington, Virginia.

My primary goal is to provide students with training in fundamental musical concepts, theoretical understanding, interpretive skills, and sound piano technique. I am a believer in developing artistry on a strong foundation of fundamentals, and that mastery of these fundamentals must precede the development of artistic depth. The process of developing these fundamentals takes years, and although tedious at times, is deeply rewarding. Not only does a years-long course of study in piano lessons lead to the obvious benefit of skilled musicianship and competence at the instrument: it also instills students with a strong foundation of self-discipline, which can be applied to other areas of their lives. Great rewards follow long-term efforts, and there is no better place to learn that than through music lessons.

I strive to provide a healthy, positive learning environment in my teaching studio. I encourage students to develop a strong sense of self-esteem through their efforts and accomplishments at the piano. Routine practice at home between lessons is mandatory, and students are duly rewarded for logging and demonstrating the results of their practice time. Recitals are presented twice a year, and special preparation and performance coaching is offered leading up to each recital with attentiveness given to each student's individual needs.

After several years of dabbling in various methods, I have settled on Faber and Faber's Piano Adventures Series as my primary method of teaching beginner and intermediate students. The diversity, comprehensiveness, flexibility, and downright fun of this method make it my favorite method to teach from.

Once a student demonstrates strong fundamentals, then more advanced, specialized, and individualized guidance and training may be offered. Advanced classical piano performance, music composition, counterpoint, improvisation, playing by ear, beginner-to-intermediate organ, church music and hymnology, blues, and beginning jazz fundamentals all fall under my teaching abilities.

If you would like to inquire further into music lessons, please contact me at jonathanchapmancook@gmail.com or by phone at (269)352-9245.

After a successful student recital in May, 2015. Performance at Kendal in Lexington, VA.

Another success! Don't they look sharp? This one's from November 2015.

Joint recital with students of Lacey Lynch, Ted Bickish, and my own. June 2014 at R.E. Lee Memorial Episcopal Church in Lexington, VA.